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Yeah, you all know the one.

where you think you are head over heels madly, deeply, in love?

YEAH. Now you know what I mean.

That feeling is AMAZING. and you’re in this blissful bubble.

but that feeling is also awful. because, until you know if they feel the same way, you are dying to know:

Do they love you as much as you love them?

but lo! You DO find out.

and then it’s back to the bubble of bliss.

But sometimes. it’s this crazy competition between the two of you. over who loves who more.

and it’s insane! because nobody love the other person more.

Why can’t we just agree that we love each other the same?

Or why can’t we just admit it, instead of yearning to tag it on to the end of a text message, hoping they see it, yet don’t respond?

Love is madness. MADNESS I TELL YOU!

And sometimes, it seems like it’d be easier not to be in love. But that’s silly.

Everyone wants to love. Which is really funny, because that Ingrid Michaelson song just came on as I was typing that, and I have NEVER heard that song before.

It’s called “Everybody” I highly suggest you listen to it when in a good mood.

If you don’t, you will be tempted to kill your music device, which is instantly regrettable.


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Matt Morris

I discovered this guy today, and his music is AMAZING like, just what I need to chill out.

go check out his album:

When Everything Breaks Open

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Under My Skin

Let Go

The Best Damn Thing

All You Will Never Know (B-Sides)

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Ferras – Aliens & Rainbows

I like this album!

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Katy Perry – One Of The Boys

Love this cover too lol.

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They’re pretty huge in Canada I hear, and Canada is like 20 minutes away, so I gave them a listen, and they are really good! Must download.

1. 24 Story Love Affair
2. Tongue Tied
3. Second Chance
4. Sex And Love
5. Sleepless Nights (Never Let Her Go)
6. Killin’ Me
7. When I’m With You
8. Summer Fades To Fall
9. Time Bomb
10. Obvious
11. You’ll Make it
12. (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight

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McFly Discography

Room On The 3rd Floor (thanks to PlanetMusic)


Wonderland (thanks to PlanetMusic)


Just My Luck


Motion In The Ocean


Greatest Hits

Part 1
Part 2
has the original Greatest Hits collection, and Special Fan Edition

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